Urban Housing Development : 2006

Urban Housing Development : 2006

This conceptual study represents the implementation of the residential component of plans for the restoration and rejuvenation of three (3) residential zones of East Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, by The Housing Development Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago (H.D.C)


It addresses the following:

a) The demolition of existing housing and the construction of new residential units on approximately 20 hectares of land.

b) The provision of new units in the form of multi-storey apartments and townhouses including a mixture of one , two bedroom and three bedroom units.

c) The use of maximum building densities given the limited available land for the amount of housing required.

d) New and improved infrastructure : roads, drainage, utilities.

e) The provision of required social amenities : playgrounds, parks, parking etc.

f) The introduction of economic activities including corner shops, business complexes for commercial and retail.



  • Client: Housing Development Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago (H.D.C.).
  • Architects/Planning: Taylor Architects / Interplan Planning Consultants Limited.