Private Residence - Portmore, Jamaica : 2005

Private Residence: 2005

This 255 sq.m four (4) bedroom residence was constructed on a typical ‘long’ rectangular lot with a narrow frontage in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Given the closeness of the houses in the subdivision and because privacy was important to the Client, most of the openings were oriented to the front and rear of the building.

This was complemented by the introduction of an angled wall element, originating from the entrance walkway and penetrating the interior of the building. This gesture facilitated windows being placed toward the centre of the house, where otherwise it would have limited access to natural light. The strategy of using a ‘double height’ space above the Dining Room with clearstory windows at roof level was also employed.

Other things such as the use of generous roof overhangs, balconies, canopies and landscaping were included to enhance the shading of the facades.



  • Architects: Taylor Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors: Patrick Batticks & Associates
  • Structural Engineers: Carl Chin & Associates
  • Contractor: Mr. Bertie Campbell.