Apartment Complex - Mona, Jamaica: 2012

Apartment Complex - Mona, Jamaica: 2012

The complex is made up of three (3#) apartment blocks containing fifty-seven (57) two-bedroom units (approx. 102 sq. m. each), along with the required amenities on a 0.9-hectare property. Two of the blocks are three (3) storeys high and the other, four (4) storeys. All have landscaped spaces in between. An internal atrium provides adequate ventilation and natural lighting for the building common areas.

The top two floors of all blocks are duplex apartments organized on two levels with their own internal staircases. Balconies, alcoves, deep recesses and shading devices were utilized to protect the apartment interiors and common areas from the sun.

Care was also taken in the design of the blocks to break down the massing into clustered volumes, resulting in proportions sympathetic to the surrounding residential structures.



  • Client: West Indies Home Contractors Limited
  • Architects: Taylor Architects
  • Structural Engineers: Hue Lyew Chin Engineers Limited
  • Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Engineers: Bismuth Company Limited
  • Contractors: West Indies Home Contractors Limited