Denominational Office Centre : 2006

Denominational Office Centre: 2006

The Centre was designed and constructed as a complex (approximately 662 sq.m) to house the facilities of the Jamaica Baptist Union.


It comprises various entities that are organized into two distinct volumes:

1. A two storey curved volume located to the front of the site containing: Reception/Lounge, General & Executive Offices, Conference /Seminar Room/Bathrooms/Sick Bay.

2. A remaining ’L’ shaped volume containing general facilities available to the public such as: Resource Centre-Library / Reading Rooms / Archives / Recording Studio / Book Shop & Ministerial Supplies Centre /Kitchen & Lunchroom.

These components are grouped around a landscaped courtyard, which, visually and functionally, brings them together and also assists with the shading of the interior spaces. The stepping back of the southern facade also ensures that the adjoining spaces are fully in the shade during the passing of afternoon sun. The strategic positioning of the stairwell also acts as a ‘solar buffer’ for the offices spaces. The concrete roof was insulated.



  • Client: Jamaica Baptist Union
  • Architects: Taylor Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors: Neville Mills & Associates
  • Structural Engineers: FCS Consultants Limited
  • Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Engineers: Donaldson’s Engineering Limited
  • Contractors: Paul Johnson Construction Limited