Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex - New Kingston, Jamaica

This 5,730-sq.m project consists of a seven (7) floor block of high-rise apartment units, comprising forty-six (46) Super Studios and eleven (11) One-bedroom loft units.

 The building is composed of two (2) residential ‘stacks’ linked by the main circulation space in the form of a naturally lit atrium with areas for planting. This circulation space gives access to the amenities, most of which have been incorporated in the building.


Also incorporated as a part of the scheme are various “sustainable” features such as:

 • Water collection and storage for the upkeep of the landscaping and the washing of cars.

• Potable water storage.

• Photovoltaic panels on the southern façade of the building for the generating of electricity for the common areas.

• “Soft” areas for all the exposed parking spaces.


 The individual apartment units are designed to make moderately sized spaces feel spacious and light, whilst not compromising privacy.


Client: Shelter Plus Limited

Architects: Taylor Architects

Quantity Surveyors: Owen Grant Associates.

Structural Engineers: Carl Chin & Associates

Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Engineers: Satyn Consultants Limited