Michael Manley Memorial Monument -1st Place : 2002 –‘Touchtone of Equality’

Michael Manley Memorial Monument -1st Place : 2002 –‘Touchtsone of Equality’

Charge: The Jamaica National Heritage Trust launched a competition for the design of a monument in the National Heroes Park, for the Rt. Hon. Michael Manley, a former Prime Minister of Jamaica

The competition brief outlined some of the main aspects of Michael Manley’s life, amongst others: his passionate belief in an egalitarian society, his gift of intellect, his communication skills and his humanity.


Some other stipulations were:

- The Monument was to be no higher than 6m and not exceed 3m in radius from the centre of the existing vault.

-  It was to be in scale with the other monuments within the shrine area of the park.

-  Construction cost was not to exceed US $136,500.00 at the time.


Main Concept:It was his own words in his first book “Politics of Change, a Jamaican Testament” that theme was found. “The more I have thought about the morality of politics, the more there has emerged for me a single touchstone of right and wrong: and the touchstone is to be found in the notion of equality”.

Manley’s use of the word “touchstone”, and the emergence of it, in describing a personal philosophy presented a powerful image - both in its figurative and real sense -around, which the design evolved.



  • Client: Jamaica National Heritage Trust
  • Architects: Taylor Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors: Neville Mills & Associates Limited.
  • Structural Engineers: Carl Chin & Associates
  • Electrical Engineers/Sub-Contractors: Donaldson’s Engineering Limited
  • Contractors: Crawford Construction & Maintenance Limited
  • Sculptor: Clovis Nelson