About Us


The Firm:

Taylor Architects has been in existence since July 2001 and is run by the managing partners: Mark A.B. Taylor, R.A., J.I.A. and Susan J. Brewster Taylor, R.A., S.I.A., both Registered Architects.

Danielle Lazarus, M.Arch, R.A., J.I.A., a full-time architect, completes the senior professional team.

Years of experience in the use of computer technology in all aspects of the design process and administrative functions enable the firm to be creative and timely in the provision of the architectural services.


The Practice:

Commissions ranging from private residences, multi-family developments, public buildings and planning projects have enabled the firm to establish its own vision of the built environment: one, which is firmly grounded in the context in which it operates, and always responsive to the particularities or challenges of the project at hand.

Buildings are designed to accommodate the required core activities in an energy efficient manner and by respecting the prevailing cultural norms /local climatic / topographical /economic conditions.


Other areas of focus generally include:

a) The full integration of engineering components in the designs.          

b) The exploration of energy and water saving systems that respond to changing climatic conditions.

c) The integration of shading techniques and passive cooling systems where possible.

d) The use of affordable, available building materials, techniques and systems where possible.

e) Provision for the physically challenged.

f) Exploration of contemporary forms in expressing project brief.


Of prime importance to the firm is the close interaction between Architect and Client in regards to the specifics of the project brief, cost control and the administration of the construction process. At all times a respectful and mutually rewarding relationship is fostered between both parties.

Through a combination of the above approaches, the practice has sought to articulate a coherent form of architecture and planning that is a product of its own time and place.



Download our individual Resumes by clicking on our names here - Mark A.B. Taylor, R.A., J.I.A and Susan J. Brewster Taylor, R.A., S.I.A.

Selection of our Completed Projects:

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